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Because of the war in Sri Lanka the situation is now critical for some of our ministry partners there. Read below a letter received from one of the pastors.

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Below a young Tamil Tiger soldier. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has been accused of using children as front-line troops by Human Rights Watch.
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Dear Friends,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The following letter was sent to me via e-mail just today, August 22, 2006. There is an urgency for prayer for the people in the area of Jaffna Sri Lanka and we need your help. Please forward this to as many prayer warriors as you can. These folks need us to intercede for them. This Pastor is a close personal friend and what is happening in his area of the world is devastating. Sri Lanka has experienced civil war for over 40 years and again it is escalating. I work with the Pastor in this area and we have been trying to help the widows of this region.

May God bless you.
Yours in Christ
Pastor John Shane

Note: names have been deleted to protect the security of the people.

Dear Pastor John Shane,

We in Jaffna faced a great threat of life, by sudden Attack of LTTE on SL Military on 11th August 2006 night at 7.00pm

We (My wife & myself) were coming after ministering at 7.00pm.We heard that indefinit Curfew has been imposed. Any how we turned our motorbikes into known by-lanes to avoid being shot by the SL Army on the main road and came home at 8.00pm. Shells were flying over our heads and sudden black out without Electricity brought more threat to the situation.

Hundreds of Shell were flying across and we thought that LTTE has landed in the vicinty and little later we could here gun fire at close range. All we could do is to trust God and we were up the Whole night on 11th.

On 12th Morning there was news by LTTE on their radio beem, saying, people on the southern Coast of Jaffna peninsular to move towards the North as they are attacking the SL Army from the Southern end.

LTTE took control of Madaitheevu ( This is on the South West of Jaffna City and crow fly distance of 5KM from my residance- Look at the map) But the SL Army's retaliation made them to withdraw on 13th August. This attack made 15,000 inocent civilians displaced. 35 were killed when a shell hit the ***** Church on 12th night at 3.30am, where about 1500 were sheltered that night. When the western Islands came under seviour attacks total of 85,000 are displaced to Kayts. Many who were wounded were not allowed to be brought to the Hospital by the SL Army. The Jaffna Magistrtes courts Judge **** took the risk of bringing the wouded on 14th August to the Jaffna Hospital in the mids of Military threats. Some wounded died of Hemorage, since their was no Medical help given to the Civilians by both fighting parties.

On the main Road, LTTE has moved about 2KM towards Jaffna and now gone back to their former place from Mugamali. (This is 30Km from Jaffna on the main Road)

Curfew was lifted after 4 days on 14th Afternoon for 2 hours. This gave some space to people to move towards safe areas. Even today while I write this mail, the curfew is being inposed. About 3-5 hours given every day for people to purchase their comodities from the market. The shortage of Cash flow in the Bank another problem for people to do their marketing. Fuel shortage has incraesed the Black market fuel price, where Pertol (Gasoline) is sold at Rs 150/= -200/= per litre.( Normal price is Rs 98.00 per litre in Jaffna).Other Essential commodities also escalated in the black market price. Sugar - Rs 200per Kg ( Normal price is Rs 68.00per Kg) Wheat Flour - Rs 75 per Kg (Normal price is Rs 37 per Kg).

Many from Chavakachcheri ( Kodikamam), Kurunagar and Jaffna sea coast are displaced to Karaveddy (PointPedro), Nalur, St Patrics Collge Jaffna, Navanthurai and other safe areas. Its estimated that about 125,000 are totally displaced. Many do not have proper meals in the place they are right now. Shortage of food items in the market has made difficult for day to day wage earning families.

We are praying the scarcity for fuel & essential commodities will be available in the market soon. I am trying to get some food relief to those who are displaced from my town where I minister. Among these people there are Widows with their Children under fifteen & mothers with infants have gone through much dificulties. The scarcity of infant food, Milk powder, Sugar and Wheat flour is at increase. (We want to suport selected 35 Christian familes who had feared and left their home to safe areas for one week)

The church is raising some support to help the displaced and able to raise localy Rs 35,000. so far. We are hoping to raise upto Rs 200,000. (UK 1000.00) to purchase some food here in Jaffna through some merchants or food agents. With is we will be able to support 35 families for 1week in a IDP camp or diplaced in homes they feel safer. Later, we are hoping that they will be able to get back to their homes.  They need essential foods, Tarpoline for shelter & Mats, Bedsheets for beding.

Please Pray for us, as the situation is very threatening. As in the last few weeks, the efforts for peace has crumbled in our nation. Only Jesus can bring lasting peace to Sri Lanka. The economy has fallen. The inflation has hit an all time high. Pray that God will move the hearts of those who have funds to support our need.

yours in His sake

Rev. *****
A/G CHurch, ********

If you want to help us help our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka click on the Be-A-Part link.